Jeffrey Stockton Lives In Honolulu, Hawaii. Don’t You Wish You Did Too?

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, HawaiiBecause I love Honolulu so much I’ll allocate an entire article to it. Because there are many amazing features to post about it will be hard to keep this brief. Before I discussed why I relocated to Honolulu along with why this city is really great but this time I will mention why this particular place is the greatest.

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Needless to say the climate here factored into my decision Jeffrey Stockton loves the sunshine and fortunately weather in Hawaii is good throughout the year. The weather is actually so good here that we all whine that it’s chilly if the temperature gets as low as the Seventies. It rarely rains and it hardly ever even gets chilly. When it does rain it’s usually still sunny simultaneously. Individuals in Honolulu call this “liquid sunshine.”

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

One more nice aspect of Honolulu is that the people are constantly friendly. It’s surprising how many acquaintances I have made since I have been here. Anytime my friends or relatives from the mainland stop by they usually say “Jeffrey Stockton, just how do you have so many pals?” It is not difficult to socialize when everyone here are so pleasant. Maybe it’s because they are delighted that the weather conditions are always good.

Although it is not as huge as New York City or L.A.., Honolulu is regarded as a legitimate metropolitan destination. There is things happening practically every hour of the day here. Many towns all over the country get fairly boring in the evening and the ones which can be entertaining aren’t located in warm areas apart from Miami and L.A.. Compared to the majority metropolitan areas that have hot weather Honolulu has got far more happening. Since the clubs here remain open until 4 each morning the nightlife here is great. Honolulu even offers a bunch of fantastic cafes to pick from, you are able to essentially eat at a different ethnic restaurant each night for a few weeks if you desire.

Honolulu is also well-known due to its good nature hikes. I cannot get enough of hiking that is why I really like it here. My best hikes are Kuliou’ou and Koko Head but if I feel like an quick but scenic hike then Diamond Head or Manoa Falls are fantastic. Much like the restaurants you could actually embark on a different hike every day for weeks but still not get to every one of them.

Honolulu is a very diverse city therefore it is perfect for learning all about diverse nationalities. One thing I really like about this town is the fact that I’m always meeting folks from all over the world. Aside from the simple fact that Honolulu is a ethnic melting pot there are visitors from all around the world who visit here on holiday each day. Waikiki is a superb location for meeting people who are from around the world because of just how many people decide on Hawaii to enjoy their trip. Luckily I have developed a large amount of close friends from around the world while living here for that reason I will always have a person to pay a visit to when I travel around.

Most of asia looks like an incredibly great place and I pray I am able to visit there sooner or later. One good thing is plane tickets to Asia out of Honolulu are not expensive at all. Trips to Tokyo are roughly $600 from Hawaii and that is about the same price as traveling to Las Vegas. So I am absolutely enthusiastic about achieving this and I’m planning on saving some dough so I can make it happen next summer. As much as I love Honolulu it will be great to see a new place for a couple of months as well as find out more about other countries.

Well, those are just a number of reasons why I love Honolulu so much. If you live here then you know what i’m saying but if you’ve never been here before then it is something you definitely ought to experience in your lifetime. Look me up if you are coming to Honolulu and I would love to be your own personal tour guide. I’m usually down for a good hike!

-Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

The Jeffrey Stockton Blog

This is a personal blog page I created for a school assignment. My job will be to blog on the subject of my own everyday life for this undergrad English literature lesson. Anyway I question whether someone will read through this however , I will be posting on every little thing from my schoolwork to my occupation (that I can’t stand) to the crazy stuff that my doggy Frito does. I have already been attending the U of Hawaii for a couple of years now. Growing up in Delaware I thought what better spot can there be to stay at than the Islands so I made the switch.

What Brought Jeffrey Stockton To Hawaii?

I realized that this place was going to be home the moment I landed. When I was a little one our family and myself arrived in this island while on getaway and wasn’t able to quit looking forward to returning one day. When I was a student in high school nearly every one of my classmates ended up either remaining in Delaware or possibly at the farthest attending college in California. I had been really fortunate to get accepted into the U of Hawaii as it had been the only college I applied to.

So now two years later after being accepted I am publishing this site designed for my uninteresting English course. As a kid my favorite course was history therefore I decided I would major in it after I got to college. Of the many history classes I have taken to date Hawaiian history may be hands down the best. The state of Hawaii offers an incredible history that many people do not even know about. Their unique history is the typical tale of indigenous people who were taken advantage of by caucasian settlers that forced their attitudes on them in God’s name.

Once I graduate I will either get a job as a History instructor or possibly I can also go on to grad school. I have been definitely debating whether to obtain a graduate diploma in Hawaiian history. I actually highly doubt if a master’s degree in Hawaiian history can make me wealthy but at least I shall be content working at what I love.

Beyond university a few other things which I really like (besides surfing of course) is camping as well as skateboarding with my dog Frito (yes he skateboards.) I first bought Frito while he had been a puppy dog after some pals and I moved away from college campus. Seeing that I had not been living at the dormitories anymore I was thinking it was the perfect chance to find a puppy. This guy ended up being hands down the best dog within the litter still I had no clue he’d grow up to be the coolest pooch ever. This guy consumes everything you give him so he is the life of our get-togethers. We need to watch all food we all leave out since in the event that we take our eyeballs away from it for one moment our dinners are long gone. If we have get-togethers you need to keep track of your drinks or he will knock them over and lick up all the alcohol. Clever, huh?

Where exactly was I? Oh yeah, skateboarding. This one day when all of us were at the park we had been teasing one of our roommates due to the fact he cannot skateboard. We bet him lunch that I could get Frito to skateboard faster than he could learn and the rest is history. He rode for like a block before he slammed into the curb. Now whenever him and I visit the park to skateboard everyone gather about to see him. Chicks love the guy so it is an excellent way for me to make new acquaintances.

Anyway it’s starting to get late and this is actually plenty content when it comes to my initial assignment. The subsequent article will be regarding a hike which my buddies and I are going on this weekend. I have not been on this particular hike before but I am told it really is awesome. Supposedly there are some amazing waterfalls along the path. Ciao!

Jeffrey Stockton